On climbs and their (relative) steepness

Regarding this post about a steepish climb in my near future, the following conversation took place.

Fearless Leader Joe:
You can handle that. It looks vertical on a map, but for 20m I bet that horrible one in Devon was worse – the one that I said as we were freewheeling down, “thank goodness we’re not going up this one”, to which you replied “Wait!”, and then we went up it on the other side.
Guy Jean:
Did we really only have that conversation once?
Cycling elevation for Templeton Bridge
Templeton Bridge

I do wonder if that’s the part he’s talking about, although that’s only 9% for a rise of 90m. There were definitely some shorter climbs that were steeper …

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  1. Guy Jean Avatar
    Guy Jean

    “The 183km stage from Onda was settled on the steep ramps of the final climb: 4km of roughly-surfaced road with gradients that averaged 12% but frequently topped 20%.”

    Alejandro Valverde wins brutal Vuelta stage seven as López reclaims red jersey

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