Alexrims DM18 bicycle rims

The rims have arrived

I got notice yesterday that the rims had shipped, and to expect them today. Then the driver tried to deliver them yesterday, while we were out. When we got home I found the missed delivery note in the box.

This morning I asked Nana to contact the company to arrange delivery, and she asked them to bring it between 7 and 9 p.m. today. So I was a bit puzzled when I got home from today’s ride to hear the chime and announcement that I had a package in the delivery box.

“That must be something else,” I thought. “No way we have a delivery locker big enough to hold a pair of 26-inch rims.”

After having a shower and snack, I took the delivery locker card and went to the first floor to pick up my package. Then for the first time, I noticed a row of really, really large delivery lockers. “I guess it could fit in here,” I thought. Unfortunately the door would not open. The latch kept making a “ker-chunk ker-chunk” sound, and after a minute the console announced that the door would not open.

The woman working at the front counter gave me a slip with the delivery box company phone number, and Nana phoned them. They told us to try again, and after we’d used our card at the touch panel to hold our apartment key to the same panel. That did the trick — the locker opened up and revealed an enormous box.

Enormous Amazon delivery boxTwo bicycle rims on a chair
An enormous box and two new bicycle rims

The box held an enormous amount of packing paper and two shiny (and matte) new rims. So now (as noted yesterday) I need to get some spokes and start building.

Alexrims DM18 bicycle rims
Alexrims DM18 bicycle rims

These rims were my final choice after considering a lot of options: they’re inexpensive, the right size, and an almost perfect match for the existing rims (which are by the same maker).

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