Cassette and bottom bracket

Growing Schwag Pile for Ol’ Paint

A couple of more bits arrived for the Ol’ Paint refurb, and the schwag pile is starting to grow.

Today we had a real Boxpocalypse as Amazon chose an enormous box for a single handlebar stem.

Open cardboard box with packaged handlebar stem insideOpen box with handlebar stem shown for scale
Boxpocalypse I & II

The handlebar arrived separately, in its own box. (I checked: the handlebar would not quite have fit in the stem’s monster box.)

Shimano stem and no-name handlebar
Shimano stem and no-name handlebar

I gave the cassette cogs a trial fitting on the Shimano rear hub. A good, tight fit.

Test fitting the cogs on the rear hub
Test fitting the cogs on the rear hub

Meanwhile, no further action on the sanding and paint prep. I’ve been busy.

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