Evoc bike bag, ready for storage and wrapped in tarp

Cleaning up the bike bag

Since my return from England and my attempt on Lejog, the bike bag has been sitting on the balcony waiting for me to clean it up and put it away. Today was finally the day.

Evoc bike bag fully assembled
It’s just been sitting here

Dirt in the bottom of the bike bag
Genuine English dirt

Dirt at the bottom of the bike bag
Just some of the dirt Kuroko brought home

The bag, with Kuroko inside, was actually half a kilogram heavier on the trip home. I’m thinking that’s how much mud and dirt was stuck to the bike.

Vacuuming out the bike bag
Going at it with the Dyson

Bike bag interior after vacuuming
That’s a big improvement

After the vacuuming I took a damp cloth to some of the surfaces. Then it was time to remove the stays that protect the wheels and give the bag its shape.

Removing stiffening stays from bike bag
Removing the stays

Evoc bike bag, ready for storage and wrapped in tarp
Stashed away until the next tour

Now it’s all tucked away until the next time I travel with the bike — whenever that may be.

(This probably took 20 minutes, but in the 31C heat, I think I’m done with the great outdoors for the day.)

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