At least now I have an adjustable wrench

I’d already decided following the breaking of several spokes during my recent Lejog attempt that I would replace all the spokes on the drive side of the rear wheel. And then when I finally pulled the wheels out of the bag a week after returning home, I discovered yet another broken spoke.

In order to replace spokes on the drive side of the rear wheel I need to remove the cassette. And for that, I need two tools: a sprocket tool and a lock ring tool. I ordered them both from Amazon, and they arrived yesterday. This morning I checked to see if I have a crescent wrench to fit the lock ring tool: no way. It needs 24mm, and my largest is 17mm. So I decided to stop at Tokyu Hands on the way home from work today. It’s a bit of a walk from the station, but I soon had a good adjustable wrench for not very much cash.

Adjustable wrench and lock ring tool

As I was walking home from the store, I started thinking: Hmm, I really should use a torque wrench when I put the cassette back on. Maybe I should have bought a 24mm socket to fit my torque wrench instead? Well, too late now.

When I got home, I verified the adjustable wrench would fit the lock ring tool OK. No problem, from the looks of it.

And then I had a closer look at the lock ring tool:

Lock ring tool

Yeah, that’ll fit directly onto the torque wrench …

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