Confirmation bias

It never fails: whenever there are kids (about kindergarten through upper elementary) walking or playing along my bike route, whether it’s a cycling course or a public street, they’ll look and see me coming, wait, and then … suddenly dash across my path the moment I’m within lethal range.

This is probably an example of confirmation bias. I’m sure there are times I encounter children on my rides where they don’t behave like this.

In fact, it’s clearly confirmation bias, because I can note at least two frequently occurring situations which don’t match this pattern; to wit:

  • There are times children dash across directly in front of me without having first waited until I get within range; and
  • There are numerous adults who start across the street or path in front of me, turn and see me coming, and … continue to step right in front of me.
Morning and evening commute
Morning and evening commute

Meanwhile, I didn’t go seeking out hill climbs during today’s commute. But on the plus side, there were no mechanicals, either. (The front derailleur still needs to be adjusted, but it’s working fine.)






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