Pulling away from the start line

Tour de Tohoko 2019 preview

The routes and entry information for Tour de Tohoku 2019 have been announced. There’s been some reorganization: all rides are on Sunday now, and they’ve done away with the route I rode in 2018. I’m pretty sure I’ll be going for the Kitakami Fondo, a similar distance to last year’s ride but a bit less climbing.

100km Kitakami Fondo
170km Minami Sanriku course

Nana pointed out there’s another option for me: the 170km Minami Sanriku route. It’s essentially the same course as the Kitakami Fondo, but follows up the coastline a bit further to make a full century ride (and some change).

I’d consider the ride — the Halfakid and I are working up to a century before I fly off to England for Lejog — but for the time limit imposed, and the fear I’d be holding up the really good riders who will no doubt be signing up for this journey. Plus it’s set to start at 6:15 a.m. … Let’s not be ridiculous!

Entry for the event is set to start on April 17 at 8 p.m. I’ve written the Halfakid, Fearless Leader Joe and Sanborn to ask who will be joining me this year. From last year’s experience, I know that I should book the hotel and the bike transport as soon as I’ve confirmed attendees, and not wait for the result of the entrance lottery. (I can always cancel if I lose the lottery.) Meanwhile, I’ve just received word from Seino transport that they won’t accept my bike in the bag that I bought for the event last year. I haven’t determined yet if they’ll accept the more professional bag I bought for Lejog, or if I’ll need to rent one of their shipping boxes. (Another alternative is that the Halfakid and I could rent a van and drive all the way, but I would not look forward to the drive home after the 100km ride!)

The bicycle is in the bag but it doesn't fit
For starters, I should have taken the pedals off first

Last year, Nana and her mother came along to the event simply to stay in the spa hotel and eat their way around the Oshika peninsula. Nana told me tonight that she’ll come along only if none of the other riders I invite will join me.

The members of Group B-12 posing after the ride
Group B-12 at the finish

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