Month: February 2019

  • Windy solo ride to Disneyland

    Windy solo ride to Disneyland

    I’ve ridden solo for years, but more recently I’ve gotten in the habit of riding with the Halfakid, occasionally Tomo and other friends. When I was faced with a solo ride today at first I didn’t feel motivated — especially when I stepped out on the balcony to get my water bottles and helmet and…

  • How to replace a bottom bracket

    In the quest for lower gearing, I’m considering replacing Kuroko’s crankset. The current one is a Shimano 105 compact, and it’s already got the lowest inner chainring available at 34 teeth. A subcompact crankset would let me go to 30 teeth, for a reduction of almost 12%. (BikeCalc’s gear inch calculator puts the difference at…

  • Flights booked!

    I’ve just booked the flights for our June Lands End to John o’ Groats ride. That is all. (Separate question whether any part of the country will still be afloat under the weight of its own bullshit by those dates … )

  • Latest Schwag

    Latest Schwag

    I made the decision last night, when we were expecting about 5cm of snow, to cancel today’s bike trip. Even if the snow cleared by morning, we’d still run the risk of icy patches and treacherous running. As it happened, there was very little evidence this morning of snow overnight. While some nearby areas got…

  • Groundhog Day Metric Century

    Groundhog Day Metric Century

    Now that the Halfakid has Myrina (we settled on the name during the course of today’s ride) he’s eager to get in some longer rides. Following our Tamagawa Course Round Trip last weekend, he mentioned a Century: 100 miles (161km). So I said I’d start thinking of routes and destinations, and one thing that came…