Color Matching

I was at the bike store with my son this week to help him pick out a pair of cleats, and to look for a new pair for myself. We both have wide feet, him more than me. In the end, they only had two pairs of shoes that would fit him, and he chose the black pair. (I wasn’t happy with the fit of the pair I had picked out, and decided to shop around some more.)

Just to make sure the trip wasn’t a total waste, I picked up a pair of black pedals to replace the silver ones I’ve got. Why? Well, they are a bit worn. But mostly, I’m just color-matching accessories for Kuroko now, which is something I never worried much about when I had Ol’ Paint.

Silver pedal on black crank
Egregiously mismatched pedal

Pedal wrench
The right tool for the job

In with the new

Using my special pedal wrench, I had the (almost) color-matched pedals on Kuroko in less time than it takes to tell. I even remembered to put a little grease (well, axle lube) on the threads before tightening.

Black pedal on black crank
New hotness: color-matched pedal

The old, disgustingly silver pedals will go back to Ol’ Paint for the moment, for my son to use with his new cleats. And then they’ll probably migrate to his new bike when he’s finally found the bargain he’s waiting for.

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