Vedangi in Canada

Catching up with all the sempai

Updates from this crew are few and far between, so it’s a rare day in … September … when I hear from all of them within 24 hours!

Jenny Graham, attempting the women’s unsupported around-the-world record, checks in from bear-infested Alberta with more than her share of mechanicals — but a good 60% done towards her goal!

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Current location: Valleyview, Canada Miles covered so far: 12,810 Estimated miles to go: 5,190 This week has brought a raft of mechanicals for @jennygrahamis_ … what with holey shoes, broken cleats, snapped gear cables and worst of all a smashed up bottom bracket!!! But shes managed to get it all bodged together with ducktape and grease and hot-footing it to Edmonton for a bigger bike shop!!! Bears are still possible here but the chances of a really close encounter are shrinking with every pedal stroke… thank goodness! A big thank you to sponsors @leighdaycycling @unitasglobal @shandcycles @enduraofficial @komoot @huntbikewheels @ritcheylogic @johnhampshirecoaching @wearecyclinguk @insta360 You can follow Jen’s adventure here and use the hashtag #eastboundRTW … ?‍♀️??? #cyclinglife #cycletheplanet #cyclenation #biketravel #wanderlust #goexplore #worldadventure

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Vedangi, on a similar round-the-world quest, has reached the halfway mark while suffering a broken toe and some sort of abdominal injury requiring stitches (details have not been forthcoming) — all a different sort of “mechanical.” She still faces visa challenges for the second half.

Next, not chasing records of any sort, but still making the most of life, Dave has completed lejog in 8.5 days at the ripe young age of 60. He’ll be an inspiration to me and Joe Lejog as we make our own assault next year!

Last but in no wise least, Ian To — coming off an astounding third (?) victory in Hard Cro — is hinting at a fresh challenge on the lejog record (set just weeks ago by Michael Broadwith at 43 hours 25 minutes 13 seconds).

It’s all inspiration to me as I prepare for the Tour de Tohoko this week. And the same goes for these fantastic manga characters commemorating the tour!

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