Month: August 2018

  • Solo Hamura Ride

    Solo Hamura Ride

    I set out hopefully early Sunday morning with a saddlebag full of onigiri freshly made by Nana and a date with the Halfakid to ride up the Tamagawa to the end of the cycle course — notwithstanding the forecast for a high of 36C. The first hitch of the day came when I pulled up…

  • First commute on Kuroko

    First commute on Kuroko

    Yesterday was my first chance to commute to work on Kuroko, my lovely new ride. It dawned a bit grey but looking quite suitable for riding. Until I checked the weather forecast, that is: gale force wind warnings! I stepped out onto the balcony. Yes, it was a bit windy, but I didn’t think it…

  • Messin’ with the Kid

    Messin’ with the Kid

    One of my goals in getting a new bike was to pass along Ol’ Paint to my son, and we accomplished that yesterday with a father-son ride along my usual Haneda round-trip route. The lad showed up early on Saturday and I gave him a few pointers as we prepped for the ride. We hit…