Jenny having a puncture fixed

Closing in on Krasnoyarsk

Jenny Graham is more than halfway across Asia and closing in on 4,000 miles (currently 6,400km), as well as Krasnoyarsk. She’s suffered 8 punctures to date, but is still smiling.

Jenny set out on 16 June to attempt to set a women’s record of 110 days around the world, unsupported. She’s crossed five time zones already, and is in the process of conquering her eighth country, probably seeing more of Russia in the process then I’m ever likely to. Next on the list is Mongolia, after a swing around the southern horn of Lake Baikal.

Follow Jenny’s astounding progress on Track Leaders.


Vedangi, who hopes to one-up Jenny with an around-the-world effort of 100 days, is having visa trouble with (of all places) Canada. We wish her the best as we really want to see her make this effort! Plus we can’t wait to see photos of that ISEN All Seasons Bike in action!

Meanwhile meanwhile, Jasmijn Muller, Duracell Bunny on a Bike, has accepted the inexorable and put off her attempt on the women’s lejog record until more favorable weather, probably in September.

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  1. Guy Jean Avatar
    Guy Jean

    Vedangi got her visa and is on her way to Australia!

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