Three in a row on Hard Cro

Ian To on the podium at Hard Cro

The other thing that slipped under my radar last week was Ian To’s third consecutive win in Hard Cro, the self-supported ultra race around the four corners of Croatia. Ian finished the c. 1,400km* ride in 65 hours 37 minutes (2 days, 17 hours and 37 minutes).

The win follows Ian’s first-place finishes of 67 hours 5 minutes in 2016 and a stunning 60 hours 20 minutes (after a 30-minute penalty for using a non-permitted road) in 2017.

Hard Cro was run in a new direction for 2018, from East to South, starting in Ilok on June 18 and continuing to Checkpoint 1 at Sveti Martin, Checkpoint 2 at Savudrija and then finishing at Molunat.

Hard Cro 2018 Route
Hard Cro 2018 Route (from

* As riders are free to select their own route (with some restrictions) so long as they pass the checkpoints, there is no official race distance.

Roads and sea

Highlights 4 /// #HC2018

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Posted by HARD CRO – Ultra Race on Saturday, June 23, 2018

Hard Cro’s Facebook page has race videos, podium photos and interviews with the racers.

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