Ian To on the podium at Hard Cro

Three in a row on Hard Cro

The other thing that slipped under my radar last week was Ian To’s third consecutive win in Hard Cro, the self-supported ultra race around the four corners of Croatia. Ian finished the c. 1,400km* ride in 65 hours 37 minutes (2 days, 17 hours and 37 minutes).

The win follows Ian’s first-place finishes of 67 hours 5 minutes in 2016 and a stunning 60 hours 20 minutes (after a 30-minute penalty for using a non-permitted road) in 2017.

Hard Cro was run in a new direction for 2018, from East to South, starting in Ilok on June 18 and continuing to Checkpoint 1 at Sveti Martin, Checkpoint 2 at Savudrija and then finishing at Molunat.

Hard Cro 2018 Route
Hard Cro 2018 Route (from hardcro.com)

* As riders are free to select their own route (with some restrictions) so long as they pass the checkpoints, there is no official race distance.

Roads and sea

Highlights 4 /// #HC2018

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Posted by HARD CRO – Ultra Race on Saturday, June 23, 2018

Hard Cro’s Facebook page has race videos, podium photos and interviews with the racers.

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