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The event site used for the Tour de Tohoku has Japanese and English (and Chinese and Korean) language choices. Naturally, I selected English to create my ID.

Then once I had my ID, I realized the Tour de Tohoku event was only available in the Japanese section. (It’s there in English, but only for service members.) So I switched to Japanese and … my ID didn’t work. I tried a password reset, but it said there was no such ID.

So I created an ID all over again in the Japanese section, and then found the Tour de Tohoku ride I wanted. That took a couple of tries because the rides are listed separately for the two dates. In the end I found the ride I want and applied.

I received the confirmation. My name is in the lottery. I’ll hear the result on July 3.

The image above is from the English ID creation. Most of the translation was better than that. On the other hand, it took me a couple of minutes to realize that “Tool” was referring to “Tour” …

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