And they’re off!

It’s about one hour until Mark Beaumont @MrMarkBeaumont starts his attempt on the hour penny farthing record, trying to beat the 33.96km set in 1891.

Meanwhile, Michael Broadwith @24HourMaths has started his attack on the lejog record. He’s currently skirting Dartmoor National Park, about 140km into the ride with only another 1,200km or so to go. He’s trying to best the record of 44 hours, 4 minutes and 20 seconds set in 2001.

You can follow Michael’s progress here.

On a somewhat grander scale, Jenny Graham @adventuresynd is in Berlin and set to embark tomorrow on an around-the-world ride, hoping to set a new women’s unsupported record of 110 days.

Vedangi @wheelsandwords, meanwhile, has been held up on her try at going round the world in less than 100 days by visa troubles. Meanwhile, she’s taken delivery of a beautiful steed for the ride.

Hors de combat is Ian To @ITultracycling, who, after an aborted attempt on lejog, is preparing to reprise his 2016 win of Hard Cro, an ultra marathon race to cycle the four corners of Croatia.

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  2. […] set out on 16 June to attempt to set a women’s record of 110 days around the world, unsupported. She’s crossed five time zones already, and is in the process of conquering her eighth […]

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