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Mark Beaumont, around-the-world record-holder at 78 days, will take on the hour record on a penny farthing on June 15 at Herne Hill Velodrome as we reported here previously. There are two records Mark is looking at: the English record of 33.96km was set in 1891 by B.W. Attlee, while the world record of 35.55km was set by William A. Rowe in 1886.

Mark Beaumont poses with penny farthings
Mark with penny farthings in livery (

Mark and his friends have been facing bigger challenges while training on their wheeled anachronisms than the amused glances of onlookers. Their first scheduled track appearance was snowed out, and the next was rained out. Mark points out that penny farthings, with solid tires and no brakes, can be very tricky in wet conditions.

This is just me and my mates wanting to do something eccentric and daft.

Mark Beaumont

“It’s the absolute antithesis of riding round the world; finding that top end power for an hour,” Mark told Jack Elton-Walters of Cyclist.

An exciting week in cycling

In other cycling news this week, Jenny Graham will set out from Berlin for an assault on the around-the-world cycling record for women (previously on Guy Jean Bikes). And Michael Broadwith is dropping hints on Twitter about his lejog record attempt:

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