Gran Fondo in Japan

Today I stumbled across グランフォンドKOMORO2018 (Gran Fondo Komoro 2018), グランフォンド嬬恋 (Gran Fondo Tsumagoi) and グランフォンド軽井沢 (Gran Fondo Karuizawa), all 100km rides in May. I’m a week late to join this year, but one of these might be a good prep ride for lejog next year.

Gran Fondo Komoro anime
Gran Fondo Komoro

The courses sit among the mountains of Nagano and involve more climbing than I’m accustomed to. But that’s a weakness I need to be working on over the next year, regardless, so I hope that any of these rides will be within my reach by next year.

Komoro seems to be the most heavily promoted, and with the most active Twitter presence. It also has a tie-in with anime and merchandise, some of it perhaps a bit unfortunate.

Karuizawa, on the other hand, has the most course choices, including a few that could be done in two hours.

The routes

The organizers helpfully publish the routes via LatLongLab, including elevations.




(One of several courses available)

Registration begins in January, so I’ll need to check back then.

Fujisan in June
Fujisan in May

Meanwhile, the weather today is gorgeous, and I’m still nursing a gouty toe.

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