Walking stick came in very handy

Man walking with stick
Walking it Off, by stefanschlau

I went back to work today for the first time since my left big toe swelled up with gout, and I used a walking stick to take pressure off the foot. As a result, people were giving up their seats to me on the train. I may have to continue using this even after the foot heals.

My first day back was not too bad. I wore my lightest shoes, with no sock on the left and that foot only loosely in the shoe. I gave myself an extra 20 minutes to get to the office. It helped that it’s basically a national holiday, so the trains weren’t as crowded as usual.

At the office, I switched the shoes for some Nike sandals I keep there. I used the elevator sometimes, but sometimes the stairs were just more direct.

After lunch I got some cooling packs from the nurse. These worked well but only for about 10 minutes each. I mostly sat at the desk, often with my foot propped up.

Naturally, my coworkers were curious what happened. I told them that her husband came home early, so I had to jump out the window.

On the way home my foot got sore, mostly from the chafing of the shoe against the naked flesh. After dinner and a pill and an ice pack, I felt much better.

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  1. Joe Lejog Avatar
    Joe Lejog

    You’ve delved into the future and taken a photo of me in 20 years time!

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