Tour de Tohoku

Tour de Tohoku

Nana, my partner, has been egging me on for at least two years about this one. A charity event every September in Tohoku, with the proceeds to go to the reconstruction effort there. I’m not going to write a lot about it yet, but just make this post to consolidate some resources for future reference.

  • Tour de Tohoku home page
  • 牡鹿半島チャレンジグループライド (route for 100km ride)
    [LatLongLab has sadly closed]
  • Date: Sept. 15
  • Location: Oshika Peninsula
  • Registration: Starting May 26 at 8 p.m., here
  • Departure: 石巻専修大学 (Ishinomaki College of Technology)

It’s got quite a climb just about at the halfway mark, so I need to sharpen my chops (and lose some weight) in preparation. But overall, it’s not a lot more climbing than we did recently on the Shimanami Kaido ride.

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