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Fat Bloke on a Blog

Of course Paul J. Parsons, author of Fat Bloke on a Bike: An Unlikely Adventure, has a blog.

I just finished Paul’s account of his eight-day adventure from his home in Weardale to Inverness, covering more than 500 miles, and wondered if he’d posted the photos from his trip anywhere. Unfortunately it seems those photos aren’t included in the blog (let me know if I’ve overlooked them), but he does have photos and accounts of his recent 16-day, 1,556km ride from Thurso to St. Catherine’s Lighthouse. You can pick up the story from Day 00.

Paul J. Parsons on the road
Paul J. Parsons on the road

As for the book, it’s a delightful read. Paul doesn’t bore us with details about his gear, mentioning it only when it’s a part of his routine (such as an unusual number of punctures en route). Instead he focuses on the riding conditions, scenery and people he meets along the way, as well as his own challenges in rising to the goal he’s set himself.

The book contains a number of priceless asides, such as the reason he prefers youth hostels to B&Bs. And this gem from a text exchange he had while on the road:

Text conversation reproduced from book
I’ve written whole posts about rice balls …

Overall, I think I should read this several times again in preparation for Land’s End to John o’Groats. And meanwhile, I recommend the book to you, too. As I said, it’s a delightful read.

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