Naruto-Minami Awaji Whirlpools Fan Ride

Naruto Minami Awaji

The Naruto-Minami Awaji Whirlpools Fan Ride is a couple of courses, one 65km and another 120km, to be run on March 18. The Naruto Whirlpools are found in the Naruto strait between Shikoku and Awaji in the Seto inland sea. Onaruto bridge offers an overhead view of the whirlpools to pedestrians.

The ride is at the opposite end of Shikoku from the Shimanami Kaido, and it’s scheduled within a week of when we’re planning that. So this is something I’ll consider another time, possibly next year.

Announcement at Sports Entry, including registration information.

Event information at Hochi, including YouTube promotional video.

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