Warm Showers and Couch Surfing

Friend Lee shares two resources for crowd-sourcing hospitality:

  • Couch Surfing

    It’s not a niche (cycling) crowd, and I found I put more time into considering which people NOT to send requests to. But hosts are all ages, so one simply rapidly gets better at identifying hosts you’d imagine being comfortable around.

    But when a profile says ‘Join for a beer now’ and you’ve just finished 90 miles on the bike in a day, you’ll be damn happy to meet them, whoever they are.

    Often the Couchsurfing mentality is that a host will be super happy to show you local stuff — sights, eats, drinks — like the classic middle eastern hosting tradition. It’s a great way in, and an instant connection.

  • Warm Showers

    Everywhere you go, you can find / meet / stay with people who have done cycle touring 😉

    You can see the active members by count once logged in.

    I had all great experiences through finding a dozen or more hosts …

Warm Showers banner
Warm Showers

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