Vedangi Kulkarni, lejog veteran

(or nearly so … )

Vedangi Kulkarni, a 19-year-old cyclist, will set off in June 2018 in an attempt to become the fastest woman to cycle around the world unsupported. Vedangi plans to ride between 260 and 300 kilometres per day and make it around the world within 130 days. She will set off from and finish in Perth, Australia.

In April, Vedangi rode from Bournemouth to John o’Groats, a journey of 1,200 miles. You can read about the adventure at Vedangi’s blog, Cycling to John O’ Groats.

If you’d like to know more about Vedangi’s assault on the women’s world biking record, you can see her website, wheelsandwords, or follow her on twitter.

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2 responses to “Vedangi Kulkarni, lejog veteran”

  1. Guy Jean Avatar
    Guy Jean

    InUth has a profile of Vedangi: “Around the World in 130 days: Meet 19-year-old who aims to cycle around the globe solo & set a record”

  2. Guy Jean Avatar
    Guy Jean

    Here’s another profile, from Hindustan Times: “Pune’s 19-year-old girl to cycle around the world in 130 Days”

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