Average temperature and rainfall

Weather map of the UK
Hoping for sun!

Our plan is to start from Land’s End in mid-June and arrive at John o’Groats around the beginning of July. So what kinds of weather should we expect?

According to YR, for Land’s End in June we can expect temperatures from 10C to 17C, with rain at little less than one in three days.

For John o’Groats in early July, we can expect temperatures ranging from 7C to 15C, with rain likewise about one in three days.

YR cites the World Meteorological Organization.

Beaumont had early lejog goal

Mark Beaumont, who recently set the round-the-world cycling record of a jaw-dropping 78 days, had set himself the goal of completing lejog at a young age.

I’m CyclingAbout The Americas: Argentina To Alaska Over Two Years!!

CyclingAbout stalwart Alee is about to set out on a two-year excursion from Argentina to Alaska by bicycle, and on an untried set of wheels at that!

Kamran Ali in Ecuador
Je t’adore, Ecuador

To be fair, his rig will be made by the same company as the ride Mark Beaumont employed on his recent record-breaking ride around the world in 80 days …

Mark Beaumont's Koga
Mark Beaumont’s Koga

Among his motivations for the trip, Alee mentions a desire not to consume unrenewable resources, going so far as to consider settling in Canada when the expedition is finished!

Vedangi Kulkarni, lejog veteran

(or nearly so … )

Vedangi Kulkarni, a 19-year-old cyclist, will set off in June 2018 in an attempt to become the fastest woman to cycle around the world unsupported. Vedangi plans to ride between 260 and 300 kilometres per day and make it around the world within 130 days. She will set off from and finish in Perth, Australia.

In April, Vedangi rode from Bournemouth to John o’Groats, a journey of 1,200 miles. You can read about the adventure at Vedangi’s blog, Cycling to John O’ Groats.

If you’d like to know more about Vedangi’s assault on the women’s world biking record, you can see her website, wheelsandwords, or follow her on twitter.