Month: October 2017

  • Alternative Sleeping Arrangements

    The Adventure Junkies has a guide to the Best Camping Hammocks of 2017. One of these might be a good alternative to a bivy sack or pup tent.

  • Chapman Cycles

    It’s my fault. I pointed Joe to a slideshow of a beautiful custom touring bike (perhaps the one above), and he fell in love. Brian Chapman builds some of the most beautiful steel bicycles I’ve ever seen. And now, because of me, Joe’s on the waiting list for his own custom touring bicycle. Joe will…

  • Transportation Resources

    We’re going to have to work out the logistics of getting our bodies and bikes to Land’s End and then back home from John o’Groats. (Given enough time, of course, we could cycle it … ) Friend Lee helpfully points out the Caledonian Sleeper as an overnight ride home from Inverness to London. The Caledonian…

  • Some Commercial Resources

    There are a lot of commercial resources for lejog, ranging from route map books to fully guided tours. Cycle: End-to-End Cycling Land’s End to John o’Groats? Get the End to End pack Land’s End to John O’Groats Cycling Holidays End to End / LEJOG End to End Cycle Route – A Safer Way B&B Reviews

  • Google Maps Route

    This route is straight from Google Maps by just searching the two end points and selecting “Bicycle.”